Initial In-Person Consultation 2017-06-01T05:32:09+00:00

Please feel free to call (201) 292-4297 or e-mail me with a good time to have an initial screening phone call. I will speak to you for about 15 to 20 minutes on the phone to determine if there is a legal case, and if you should arrange to meet in-person for an initial consultation. After an initial in-person consultation, you will learn how I can assist you in your legal needs.

Typically, I will conduct an initial evaluation and help you decide on the best approach so that you obtain the results you need. I will answer your questions and explain to you what your options are. I enjoy breaking down the legal process, to make a sometimes opaque process understandable to my clients who have never experienced it before.

If there is a legal case, then my primary goal will be to first remove the legal burden from you, and the stress associated with the case. Whether you are a business owner, or a client going through a difficult divorce, I strive to ensure that you feel you are receiving the very best representation.

Your Role in the Process  – Most of my cases involve several deadlines and lots of paperwork. If there is a deadline, you need to be available to respond so that I have the information necessary to write pleadings, agreements, or other court-ordered documents. This typically means that you will need to spend time identifying and gathering financial, educational, medical and employment information.  Your attorney needs this commitment from you in order to effectively analyze your situation, and raise all issues to your advantage.